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The Elite Vein Institute – About Us

Here at the Elite Vein Institute, we boast not only an elite surgeon in Dr. Anne Luhan, but a highly skilled Board Certified Sclerotherapy RN with 20 years of practicing experience in Dolly Bodine. This team of professionals (along with Nika Anderson–our energetic office manager) works together to help those in pain due to problems stemming from vein abnormalities. We treat a wide range of vein problems, including varicose veins, venous insufficiency, spider veins, swollen ankles, leg cramps, restless legs, and even venous ulcers. Due to Dr. Luhan’s commitment to staying on top of the latest procedures and technologies pertaining to vein treatment, our patients can be assured that they will receive state-of-the-art care that utilizes the latest in scientific and technological advancements.

Why Choose the Elite Vein Institute:

Aside from Dr. Anne Luhan’s impressive credentials—which includes her being a double board certified general surgeon and surgical intensivist, being a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and the fact that she is highly educated in all aspects of surgical procedures—we also offer the very best in personalized patient care. We are able to handle a wide range of problems associated with the veins through various methods of treatment. We offer comprehensive exams with duplex guided ultrasounds, along with other treatment options, such as cosmetic sclerotherapy, varicose vein radiofrequency ablation, clarivein (for anesthesia-free vein treatment), and duplex-guided foam sclerotherapy.

In addition to our many methods of treatment and the vast scope of our knowledge pertaining to conditions of the veins, our office is an experience in and of itself. In fact, our treatment facilities more closely resemble a day spa than a medical facility. This is a result of our open, airy rooms and our facility’s location, which is situated close to the beach in the beautiful vacation spot of Dana Point, California.

What We Want Our Patients to Know about Varicose Vein Problems:

Many people mistakenly assume that the treatment of varicose veins (which is just one type of vein abnormality we treat) is nothing more than a cosmetic procedure. In other words, the only reason they feel they would need treatment is that they are unhappy with the way they look. However, we at Elite Vein Institute understand that the presence of varicose veins can also be hazardous to a person’s health. In addition to being a painful issue, varicose veins can also be life-threatening.

Healthy veins contain valves that open and close, assisting the return of blood to the heart. Therefore, since varicose veins are, in essence, damaged veins, fixing the problem is of great importance to our patients’ overall health. Some of our other treatments are geared towards reducing pain often associated with restless legs or the many other conditions we treat. Our goal here at the vein clinic is to give our patients the very best when it comes to individualized care. Our passion is to remove or reduce their problem, so they can once again live a healthy, happy, and productive life.

The Elite Vein Institute’s Approach to Care:

Here at the Elite Vein Institute, we are passionate about serving our patients in an individualized manner. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile when it comes to care, ensuring all our patients have a positive experience. We have various methods of treatment—some of which are very quick and relatively painless. Our Radio Frequency Ablation treatment, for example, is a revolutionary treatment for varicose veins usually completed within 15 minutes without the use of anesthesia and has a success rate of 97%. The success of this one treatment exemplifies the benefits of visiting our offices for help with any vein abnormality.

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